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Diabetic Test Strip Guide

It's Legal To Sell Your Diabetes Test Strips

Many diabetics wonder whether it is legal to sell their diabetes test strips. The simple answer is, yes! It is legal to sell your diabetes test strips. There are very many valid reasons why someone should have extra unused test strips they may consider selling .For some people; it may be due to their doctor's recommendation to switch meters. In that case, they will have to switch the brand for their test strips since each test strip brand uses its own meter.


For some diabetics, it may result from their cutting down on their daily testing frequency. This may be by their doctor's recommendation or they are no longer considered diabetic. It is also possible that a family may have lost their loved one who left behind many testing strip boxes. You may get a quote to know how much you can sell these test strips.


If you are not testing as frequently as you used to, you will accumulate a large number of unused test strip boxes. What to do with them depends on you. You can trash them or sell them for cash. What many people are worried about, however, is whether selling diabetes test strips is even legal in the first place. Well, these strips are considered non-prescription products. In fact, they can easily be purchased over the counter, thus, selling them is quite legal.


The only exception is for test strips supplied by Medicaid or Medicare. These are government run programs that restrict re-selling their products.You can even sell your strips from your health insurance company as long as they are not labeled with Medicaid or Medicare names or logos. Refer from this post at


There are a number of companies that will normally buy your diabetic test strips them pay you after the collection has been approved and accepted. To ensure your collection of strip boxes is accepted, you must not send expired, opened or broken boxes.


To make the most money out of your test strips there are a few things you should consider:


First, the boxes be factory sealed and not expired. The boxes that have at least one year expiration date will fetch you the most money. Normally, you have to guarantee that the strips will not expire in less than 180 days. If they happen to expire before 180 days when you sent them, you will be paid half the price you were promised. However, if they do in less than 90 days, you will not be paid at all. Click here for more inquiries.